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ACUVUE® RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution delivers exceptional disinfection against harmful germs and bacteria and all-day comfort.Cleans, conditions, removes protein, rinses, disinfects and stores soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses.– Dual-disinfection technology– K..
Aiken Antibacterial Talcum Powder contains natural herbs and extracts such as Licorice Extract, Fermented Green Tea and Lemon Oil which helps in vanish bacterial production. Provides long lasting freshness and prevents body odour throughout the day...
Aiken Prebiotic Hydra Plus Cleanser works in deep cleanse impurities without drying the skin.This facial cleanser would not strip out the natural oils of our skin.Suitable for all skin  types as it mild and gentle on our skin too...
BIFESTA MICELLAR CLEANSING SHEET 10'S ● BRIGHTUPSkin Type: Suitable for dull skin & combination skinKey Benefits: Wipes off all makeup with 1 sheet! Removes dead skin ..
BIFESTA MICELLAR CLEANSING SHEET 10'S ● MOISTSkin Type: Suitable for dry & normal skinKey Benefits: Wipes off all makeup with 1 sheet! Helps infuse skin with moisture..
BIFESTA MICELLAR CLEANSING SHEET 10'S ● SEBUMSkin Type: Suitable for oily skin with large pores & excess sebumKey Benefits: Wipes off all makeup with 1 sheet! Tighten..
Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Water Moist is gentle yet powerful thoroughly removes makeup and dirt. Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Water Moist consists two types of moisturizing ingredients (Adsorptive Amino Acid and Hyaluronic Acid) that makes your skin feel freshly moisturized skin protected from drynes..
A gentle cleansing bar that is effective at cleaning and soothing skin. - Moisturizes as it cleans to leave skin restored of its natural protective oils and emollients- Cleanses without irritation or dryness- Specially designed for dry, sensitive skin; leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated-..
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a dermatological formulation recommended for everday cleansing of fragile facial skin and full body cleansing of dry, irritated skin. Cetaphil soothes and softens as it cleanses and helps the skin retain much needed moisture. Cetaphil is suitable for people..
COMPLETE® Multi-Purpose Solution EASY RUB® Formula promotes disinfection by removing and killing a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms on your lenses to help protect your eyes against infection. COMPLETE® MPS EASY RUB® Formula removes protein and debris to thoroughly clean your lenses...
Complete Multi-purpose Solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, removes protein and rewets lenses with lasting comfort. 1. Wash and dry your hands prior to handling your lenses. 2. Rub each side of the lens for 10 seconds - place 3 drops or more of COMPLETE MPS on one side of the lens surface..
Dr. P Pants have a Quick Absorption Core function to lock urine neatly inside the diaper to give a dry feeling to the wearer. Odor Neutralizer helps control the effects of urine ammonia odor, thus reducing unwanted odors to allow loved ones to stay fresh and confident. *Ventilation *Fit and comfor..
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